IAT : Chem

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Topics covered in this notes compilation on Chemistry include:

  1. Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  2. Classification of Elements
  3. Structure of Atom
  4. Molecular Structure and Chemical Bonding
  5. Redox Reactions
  6. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  7. Thermodynamics
  8. Equilibrium
  9. Solid State
  10. Solutions
  11. Chemical Kinetics
  12. ElectroChemistry
  13. Metallurgy
  14. Surface Chemistry
  15. Coordinate Chemistry

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  1. Dear ANV,
    I still cannot download the IAT Chem. file from this page. All the other files work perfectly well. Please rectify the errors, if any ASAP.

  2. beautiful notes….thank you so much….if psbl try to upload for organic chem also…but otherwise satisfied

  3. Can you please upload notes of Organic Chemistry as well? Also, I would love to ask for some tips to prepare organic chemistry, I mean I just can’t get it resonating with my mind and heart as well as I got Physics and Maths. Please help Bhaiya.

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