Hello Alter Ego,

This is Animish here.

Now, I am an IISER Kolkata BS MS alumni (graduated in 2020). The town of Dapoli in Konkan, enshrined on the windward slopes of the Sahyadris and washed on the west by the Arabian Sea, is my home place.

I believe the least in the coaching class system and have always preferred to venture into each subject at exciting depths on my own with the tools of textual material, reference books, internet and a hobby to visualize and play mentally with what I study. In due course of this journey, like every instinctive author I recorded what I observed. These I call my “selfstudy notes”.  To prepare these I have scrutinized numerous sources including but not limited to NCERT Textbooks, several reference books available in the market, Wikipedia, Google links etc. Hence I better call it a “Travelogue”. Just like a travelling narrator has no ownership on the lands and people he visits so do I establish no claim on the information illustrated in my notes. I have worked relentlessly only as a faithful student to understand before what I write in my notebook. I have played the role of an interpreter-compiler console.

Yes, indeed the examination system today presents a partial analysis of the student. Whatsoever, this brainchild of mine has been put to test when I used them for reference while preparing for every exam I appeared. And it seems that I did fairly well as I scored 95.80% in 10th CBSE, 95.40% in 12th CBSE and also cracked the IISER Aptitude Test and am even paving the road ahead. (Though I never prepared for IIT or Medical Enterance, I scored 111 in JEE Mains and 400 in AIPMT unexpectedly but never attained a rank in the JEE Advanced Merit List). Moral of the story is that I find my notes very trustworthy.

This website is funded from the INSPIRE Scholarship I receive like every IISERian from the Govt. of India.

My Mission is to share the happiness I unleashed in traversing this path of Knowledge. My Mission is to convince every student that Learning is Fun. Learn what makes you smile at your heart. Learn for ‘the pleasure of finding things out’, for the curiosity to know more. This is the true reward, your marksheet is just the by product of the process.

Now finally like every humble Author I dedicate this “Travelogue” of mine to the Almighty whom I choose to experience in the form of Bhagwan Shree Krshna for the Ideal Life I believe he has led as portrayed by Maharishi Vyasa. This devotion would however be incomplete if it does not reach the one in need of it. Thus, His image I see in every student struggling forth like I once did (and continue to do) on the endless journey of Seeking Knowledge. Let this travelogue be of some help to those following.

“Shree Krishnarpanam Astu…!! Shubham Bhavatu…!!”

न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते ॥

सर्वं कर्माखिलं पार्थ ज्ञाने परिसमाप्यते ॥


Your Forever Friend…