Just letting my heart out… May be nothing much to it than that. 🙂

Post 1: A Romantic Rendezvous with Mimamsa
Link: http://gnoscika.in/mimamsa/

Post 2: A Serendipitous Story of Initiating iGEM
Link:  http://gnoscika.in/iGEM_1

Post 3: Collection of Poetries and Translations
Link:  http://gnoscika.in/poet

Post 4: On Graduate School Applications
Caution: http://gnoscika.in/gradcaution/
Part1 Link: http://gnoscika.in/gradschoolapps1/
Part2 Link: http://gnoscika.in/gradschoolapps2/

Post 5: For IISER Aspirants
Link:  http://gnoscika.in/aspiiser/

Post 6: Why Secularism won’t work for India, and what better may?
Link: http://gnoscika.in/Indutva/